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Ushop is a one of its kind internal loyalty-based program that is aimed at rewarding our shoppers for buying HUL products. Not to be confused with a traditional cash linked wallet, Ushop is merely a mechanism to earn loyalty points for every transaction that is done by shoppers with our partner stores for HUL products.
Its reach is limited to only the HUL ecosystem & hence the earning & burning of Ushop points will be restricted for internal usage only. The points earned will therefore assume no monetary value & also cannot be used in lieu of legal currency for any sort of payments.
For ease of conversion - 1 Ushop loyalty point is equal to Re.1 However, this is valid only within the HUL ecosystem & cannot be replaced with legal currency for any transactions elsewhere.

The rules are very simple. Buy any HUL products from our partner stores & win Ushop loyalty points as per the offers & discounts active at the store. The more HUL products you buy, the more will be your savings via earning of Ushop points.
Participate in activities being run on the Ushop App like scanning QR codes on HUL’s brand communications & win bonus Ushop points as per the T&Cs of the activity separately conveyed to you.
Applicable Ushop points will be auto-credited to your Ushop account & can be redeemed on subsequent orders. Your points can be consumed across any number of bills across any of your partnering stores.

No. Though transactions will be your biggest source for earning Ushop points, you can also earn Ushop points by downloading the Ushop by HUL app & referring it your friends & family.
Ushop points can also be earned by scanning QR codes and/or other such instruments that you will come across communications of different brands from HUL across any banners, hoardings, leaflets, newspaper inserts etc. The applicable Ushop points & their associated T&Cs will be mentioned in the individual communications. Points will get automatically credited to your account for future redemptions.
There will also be some other interesting activities shared with you from time to time via the app. Upon completing these activities, you could win bonus Ushop points. The T&Cs involved for those activities will be individually communicated when the activity is available for you on the Ushop app.

Unlike other loyalty programs that you may have come across where there is no clarity on the rules for burning the earned rewards or there are lots of T&Cs associated which makes it difficult to fully utilize your benefits, Ushop makes redeeming the earned points look like eating a piece of cake.
All the points that you have earned via your HUL purchases can be redeemed entirely i.e. 100% redemption on your subsequent grocery bills for the total bill amount of your HUL purchases.
If you have bought non-HUL products you will have to pay for them separately either by cash or any other digital payment options provided. Your Ushop points cannot be used for redeeming on non-HUL purchases
The below example should make this clear

Total Bill Value Rs.1000
Value of HUL products Rs.300
Ushop Points accumulated 500
Redeemable Ushop Points 300
Total Bill Payable post Redemption Rs.700
Revised Ushop Points Balance 200

If you do not have enough Ushop points in your account, you will be able to redeem points only till the point your Ushop balance becomes 0 even though you have not redeemed 100% of the total HUL bill value. Under any circumstances, you cannot redeem more than what you have accumulated.

Ushop Go enables you to experience the future of shopping. Using Ushop Go you can build your own cart by simply scanning the products that you want from the scanner & make payments digitally within the App without having the need to stand in the endless billing queue & waste your time.
To enable Ushop Go assisted shopping, you will have to scan the QR code at the entrance of the store to invoke the store digitally in your App with its entire product catalogue for you to pick & choose. You can either add products to your cart by selecting them manually from the cart or use the built-in scanner & simply scan the barcodes of the products that you want to buy. You can buy as many items as you want from both HUL & competitor brands using the App. However, you will be able to earn-burn Ushop points only on your HUL product purchases only. Complete your cart & then place your order to redeem your accumulated Ushop points that will help you save on your bill before making the remainder payment digitally using the available wallets and UPI or cash. Show the QR code generated at the billing desk, get the physical delivery of the products & walk away.

Earning on a promotion level: 4 times per month
Earning on an aggregate daily level: No
Earning on a monthly aggregate level: 5000 Ushop points
Aggregate Ushop wallet balance at any point: 15000 Ushop points

There is no minimum transaction value required. You can redeem your accumulated Ushop loyalty points for up to 100% of the total transaction value of HUL products with no restriction whatsoever on a minimum bill value..

As of now, your Ushop points are valid for a lifetime & have no expiry. However, this may change later & will be communicated to you beforehand.

Absolutely not! There is complete interoperability set in the system for your convenience. You can shop for HUL products at any of our partner stores, earn Ushop points as per the applicable rules & redeem them at either the same store or any other partner store where Ushop is active. You can find the complete list of stores where Ushop is live from within the nearby stores section of the app.

As Ushop loyalty points do not have any monetary value outside the HUL ecosystem one cannot transfer them to 3rd party services like wallets & bank accounts. Also, Ushop points earned by one user cannot be transferred or shared with any other user. You can redeem your accumulated points on bills that are generated using your mobile number only & will need validation from you before the order is processed.

You can check your Ushop balance anytime from the My Points Tracker page on the app. You can also ask the retailers at our partner stores having the Drachma billing device to fetch your balance for you by sharing the OTP received at the time of billing your purchases

Your payment will be reversed within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, currently the referral scheme is active only in cities where the Drachma model is now available. The cities are as follows: Pune, Delhi NCR, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nashik, Chandigarh

Please reach out to us on 080-4710-3231 between 10 am and 6 pm for any queries, concerns & issues that you might have for Ushop.

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